The Facts of E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes were first introduced to the United States in 2007. They were originally developed in China. When they first came out, they were often mistaken for regular tobacco products because many of them were very similar in appearance. Now, they come in a variety of designs. What really matters is that E-cigarettes are a tobacco-free. What E-cigarettes are are actually vaporizers. Instead of burning tobacco, the mechanism of an e-cigarette heats up a liquid. The liquid then turns into a vapor, which you then inhale.

Screenshot from 2015-05-05 12:12:53No matter what E-cigarette you choose, the design, color, the flavor, they all basically have the same components. The components are a rechargeable lithium battery, a cartridge containing nicotine and the flavoring of your choice, an atomizer, which also contains a heating coil, an LED light to give the appearance of a burning cigarette, and a sensor.

Smoking E-cigarettes are often called “vaping” because the atomizer heats up the liquid, which is often called “e-juice” to its boiling point, it then becomes the vapor that is inhaled. Unlike regular tobacco products which produce smoke, the E-cigarettes produce a big cloud of vapor which disappears very quickly. Another thing which unlike regular cigarettes, the smell the E-cigarettes are the smell of whatever flavor cartridge that you choose. Make the switch today and visit eJuice Farm and see the delicious flavors and customizable vape equipment they have to offer.

smoking-21282_640E-cigarettes are definitely cheaper than regular cigarettes. On average each cartridge will hold an everyday smoker over for as long as a regular pack of cigarettes would. The cost of the flavor cartridges vary depending on where you live. On average you can get a pack of five flavor cartridges for the same amount you would spend of a pack of cigarettes. The best way to purchase the E-cigarettes is by purchasing starter kits.